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Bobs Watson
Born in Los Angeles, California
on November 16, 1930

301 ~ Bobs Watson autographed portrait   302 ~ Bobs Watson and Guy Kibbee in "Scattergood Pulls The Strings"   306 ~ Bobs Watson
Bobs Watson is probably the best known of the nine young Watson kids (six boys and three girls), who between them appeared in more than 1,000 movies. The Watson family's motto was "One for all, and all for one," and all of their acting salaries went into a common kitty. Bobs grew up to be a Methodist minister. He had a few roles as an adult, including an appearance in "Grand Theft Auto (1977)" in which he appeared as Rev. Bobs Watson. His older brother, Delmar Watson, also is featured in Classic Movie Kids.
305 ~ Bobs Watson with Lum & Abner (Chet Lauck and Norris Goff)   308 ~ Bobs Watson and Lionel Barrymore in "On Borrowed Time."
307 ~ Bobs with Lionel Barrymore in "On Borrowed Time."   309 ~ Bobs Watson in "Hi Buddy"
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