Classic Movie Kids, a tribute to the child stars of yesteryear.

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Kerry Kollmar   Margaret O'Brien     George Winslow

Remembering The Young Stars of Yesteryear

Mark Lester   Virginia Weidler    Duane Chase   Joy Ellison

In these pages you will find photos of  the great movie kids: Shirley Temple, Jackie Cooper, Virginia Weidler, Freddie Bartholomew, Margaret O'Brien, Philippe de Lacy, Mitzi Green, Kevin Corcoran, Sybil Jason, Bobby Breen, Jane Withers, Mark Lester ... and dozens more. This site is a tribute to all of the young actors and actresses whose performances have brought so much joy into our lives. Settle back and reminisce, and recall the simple movies of more simple times.

Gary Gray   Shirley Temple   Philippe De Lacy   Patty McCormack

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