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First Things First: This is an "amateur" web site, put up by a collector of movie memorabilia who would like to share his collection with others. As you have probably noticed by now, my site is simplicity plus. I am not a graphics artist, I am not a computer guru, and I am not a web site wizard. And I do not want to devote the time it would take to become any of these. I just have some rare old photographs that I would like to share with you all, and I am putting them on the web in the easiest way I know how. If you are interested in early movies and enjoy the classic young stars, please come back from time to time. The collection will grow.

On Downloading These Images: Since I am putting these images up for all to enjoy, I have no problem with anyone who wants to download them for their personal collection. Sharing is what the web is all about. Webmasters may download up to 10 images to their sites if they either provide credit to Classic Movie Kids, or put up a link to this site. If you would like to use my work for some other legitimate purpose, please inquire. I will probably say "yes." To those who might be tempted: Please do not steal my site or my work and represent it as yours. In addition, linking to these images steals my bandwidth and is a Federal Crime.

A Word About Copyrights: The copyright has expired on most of the images here, and they are now in the public domain. The few that are still under copyright were produced by the studios to promote their movies and their stars. Many state on them that copyright is waived for newspapers and magazines, as the purpose of issuing them was to use them for display and publicity. My use of them here is consistent with that purpose. If any copyright owner feels my use of their pictures is not in the best interest of their organization or their star, please let me know and I will remove them immediately.

eBay: Nothing said above gives anyone the right to sell copies of these photos on ebay or anywhere else.

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