Young Actress page in Classic Movie Kids, a collection of rare photographs of the child actors and child actresses of yesteryear.

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Classic Young Actresses

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The figures in parenthesis indicate the number of photos in each star's gallery. More photos and stars will be added in the months ahead. Please come back from time to time.
Mary Badham (9)
Ann Gillis (4)
Patsy O'Connor
Babette Bain (4)
Missy Gold (2)
Tatum O'Neal (5)
Danielle Brisebois (3)
Bonita Granville (3)
Heather O'Rourke (9)
June Carlson
Mitzi Green (6)
Baby Marie Osborne (2)
Joan Carroll (5)
Betty Holt (5)
Gigi Perreau (19)
Janet Chapman
Jackie Horner
Laurie Perreau
Donna Corcoran (13)
Sherry Jackson (2)
Ginger Prince (3)
Noreen Corcoran (5)
Sybil Jason (9)
Juanita Quigley (4)
Muriel Frances Dana (7)
Gloria Jean (13)
Evelyn Rudie (11)
Nita Dee
Karol Kay (1)
Susan Stephens
Deanna Durbin (3)
Anita Louise (12)
Sara Stimson
Sybil Elaine
Connie Marshall (10)
Jodie Sweetin (5)
Joy Ellison (1)
Patty McCormack (8)
Elizabeth Taylor (3)
Edith Fellows (3)
Sharon McManus
Shirley Temple (23)
Clare Foley (4)
Hayley Mills (21)
Ann E. Todd (4)
Kellie Flanagan (8)
Shirley Mills
Virginia Weidler (5)
Jodie Foster (16)
Sharyn Moffett (4)
Jane Withers (16)
Peggy Ann Garner (9)
Margaret 0'Brien (22)
Natalie Wood (7)
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