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Sybil Jason
Born Sybil Jacobson
in Capetown, South Africa
on November 23, 1929

Sybil Jason child star photoSybil Jason classic child actress

Sybil Jason made sixteen movies from the ages of eight to thirteen. Like Shirley Temple, she could sing and dance as well as act. Sybil signed initially with Warner Brothers and was their first child star. A few years later she signed with 20th Century Fox. Despite her charm and talent, she did not achieve Shirley Temple's success as both studios had hoped.

Sybil Jason child star photoSybil Jason child actress photo

Sybil Jason in The Great O'MalleySybil Jason promotional photoSybil Jason in Little Big Shot

Sybil Jason in The Little PrincessSybil Jason in I Fould Stella ParishSybil Jason classic child starSybil Jason child actress signed photo