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Mary Badham
Born in Birmingham, Alabama
on October 7, 1952

Mary Badham child actress To Kill a Mockingbird

Mary Badham is best remembered as Scout in the 1962 movie To Kill a Mockingbird based on the novel by Harber Lee and starring Gregory Peck and Philip Alford. She also had a starring role with Pat Cardi in Let's Kill Uncle.

Mary Badham as ScoutMary Badham with Gregory Peck

To Kill A Mockingbird was Harper Lee's first novel, for which she won a Pultizer Prize. Her second novel was never published.

Scout meets Boo RadleyMary Badham with Philip Alford

In the photo on the Left, Scout meets the mysterious Boo Radley, played by Robert Duvall.

Even after the filming of To Kill A Mockingbird was completed, Mary Badham called Gregory Peck by his character's name "Atticus" for the rest of his life.

Mary Badhan child actressMary Badhan with Philip AlfordMary Badham, Philip Alford, To Kill A MockingbirdMary Badham child star Philip Alford