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Bonita Granville
Born in New York, New York
on February 2, 1923

Bonita Granville teen actress photo

Bonita Granville was born into an acting family and first appeared on stage, then in the movies. She has some 80 movie and TV credits. As an adult she married Jack Wrather, the owner of the Lassie TV series. It was Bonita who discovered Jon Provost and chose him for the role of Timmy. She also appeared in several Lassie episodes and narrated several others.

As a teenager Bonita Granville starred in four Nancy Drew movies with classic teen actor Frankie Thomas. In The Nancy Drew Scrapbook, Karen Plunkett-Powell notes that Frankie Thomas said that during the eighteen-month period they were making the four movies they had only eight days off, and six of those were because Bonita developed intestinal flu.

Bonita Granville classic child actressBonita Granville in Beloved Brat