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Jackie Coogan
Born in Los Angeles, California
on October 26, 1914

301 ~ Jackie Coogan in Motion Picture Magazine   Jackie Coogan Record Label   306 ~ Cinema Stars trading card
Jackie Coogan was born to vaudeville parents and was appearing on stage before he was four years old. Charlie Chaplin spotted him one night and chose him for the role of "The Kid." Jackie was an immediate favorite of moviegoers and went on to become one of the most popular child stars of all time. As an adult, he was best known for his role as Uncle Feser in "The Adams Family."  He also appeared in the science fiction cult favorite "The Space Children," which featured several popular child stars of the late 1950's.
204 ~ Mitzi Green with Jackie Coogan   Jackie Coogan peanut butter can   354 ~ Jackie Coogan postcard
Jackie Coogan's younger brother, Robert Coogan, also had some movie credits.
327 ~ Jackie with a statuette of himself   302 ~ a very young Jackie Coogan   334 ~ Jackie Coogan fan photo
On Saturday night, May 4, 1935, there was a car accident near San Diego which claimed the lives of four of the five people riding in the vehicle. Jackie Coogan was injured, but lived. Coogan's father, John H. Coogan, was the driver and died at the scene. The others who were killed were 19 year old Trent 'Junior' Durkin, Charles (or Clarence) Jones (the manager of the Coogan Ranch), and Robert J. Horner.

352 ~ Jackie Coogan as a child and as an adult
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