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Ted Donaldson
Born in New York City
on August 20, 1933

301 ~ Ted Donaldson lobby card for "Rusty Leads The Way"   302 ~ Ted Donaldson portrait
Weighing in at 87 pounds by the age of nine, Ted Donaldson's nickname was "Pudge." He began his career on radio at the age of four. He was appearing on stage by the age of seven, and made his movie debut in "Once Upon a Time" at the age of ten. He won the critics choice award for that role, and was named one of the top ten child performers of 1944. His career flourished until 1949, and ended with a few minor roles in 1952. 
303 ~ Ted Donaldson between scenes   305 ~ Ted Donaldson in "Adventures of Rusty."   304 ~ Ted with fellow members of the Hollywood Boys Club selling Christmas seals.

306 ~ Ted with Conrad Nagel in "Adventures of Rusty."   307 ~ Ted with Jane Darwell in "Red Stallion."

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