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David Holt
Born in Jacksonville, Florida
on August 14, 1927

David Holt 1936 portrait photo     David Holt 1936 publicity photo     David Holt 1936 photo

David Holt's sister, Betty Holt, was a child actress.

David Holt with his sister Betty Holt    David Holt's 8th Birthday Party     David Holt with Betty Holt

The center photo above was taken at David Holt's 8th Birthday Party.
Shown are (from rear, left to right) Peggy Durkin, Dickie Moore,
Ruth Botsford, David Holt, Lois Kent, William Frendall, and Patsy Ingram.
In the front row are Ronald Smith, Betty Holt, Alberta Dugan, Paula Bohn,
Baby LeRoy, and Billy Lee.

      David Holt in 1934      David Holt between scene of "You Belong To Me"    David Holt 1934 Publicity Picture

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