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Tim Hovey
Born in Los Angeles, California
on June 19, 1945

Tim Hover boy actor in Slim CarterTim Carter child star portrait photo

The photo on the Left shows Tim Hovey in costume for Slim Carter, an enjoyable movie about a boy who wins a contest to spend a month with his favorite cowboy star. Tim made fifteen movies, all as a boy. He had been a child model before his movie career and as an adult he was road manager for the rock group Grateful Dead.

Tim Hover child actor in Toy TigerTim Hovey in Everything But The Truth

Tim Hovey child star in Man AfraidTim Hovey with Jock Mahoney and Julie AdamsTim Hover in The Private War of Major Benson

Tim Hovey boy actor in Money Women & GunsTim Hovey in Slim CarterTim Hovey child star in Toy TigerTim Hovey with Maureen O'Hara and John Forsythe