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Luis Miguel
Born Luis Miguel Gallego Bastiery
in Puerto Rico
on April 19, 1970

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Luis Miguel is known primarily as a singer. In 1982, at the age of 12, he set the Latin Music world on it's ear with his hit record, UNO + UNO żOS ENAMORADOS. As a child, he sang with a power and feeling that were incredible for one so young. Those who have yet to hear his early renditions of Marcela and La Juventud have a treat in store.Today, as an adult, he owns the music charts in the Spanish speaking world.
Luis was an actor, too. At 13, he had the leading role in the feature film Ya Nunca Mas (Never Again). Some of the clips inserted into this movie lead me to believe he made some music videos as well. In 1985, he starred in "Fiebre de amour".
I would be an eager buyer of any of Luis Miguel's early music videos. I have some early records to trade for them.

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