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Peter Miles
(Gerald Perreau)
was born Gerald Richard Perreau-Saussine
in Tokoyo, Japan
on April 1, 1938

Gerald Perreau is the older brother of Gigi Perreau, Janine Perreau, and Laurie Perreau. His early movie credits were under the name Gerald Perreau, but in 1948 he changed his professional name to Peter Miles, and is best remembered as Peter. As an adult, he was an award winning author who used the pen name, Richard Miles. He is again known today as Gerald Perreau, and is presently living in southern California.

311 ~ Peter Miles in The Red Pony   301 ~ Peter Miles publicity portrait   309 ~ Peter Miles in The Red Pony

     302 ~ Peter Miles in The Good Humor Man   Peter Miles with his sister, Gigi Perreau 
305 ~ Peter Miles in The Red Pony   312 ~ Peter Miles in The Good Humor Man
310 ~ Peter, still Gerald Perreau, in Who Killed Doc Robin
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