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Sammy & Sasha Nelson
The Nelson Twins

Sammy (L) and Sasha (R) Making Music Happen
   Sammy (Samantha) Nelson   Sasha Nelson
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11-year-old twins Sammy and Sasha Nelson made the final cut to the top 33    contestants in the nation at the Hollywood auditions for the 2003 American Juniors TV series. That is quite an accomplishment in a competition than ran into the thousands of contestants. After the show they received a lot of interest in their singing talent and are presently working on an album that should be released in early 2004. Their web site has previews of some of the songs on their album, plus others that are for the backing track of a new cartoon they have been asked to do the background vocals for, both speaking and singing, about twin cats  that are pop stars. The cartoon will be modeled after the girls and their inage. I especially enjoyed Sammy's "Field of Dreams" and Sasha's "Angel." We wish them the Best of Luck!
The pictures here are from The Nelson Twins website, and are used with permission. There are many more pictures there, plus current news and a host of other features.
Nelson Twins Official Website