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Our Gang ~ The Little Rascals
Created by Hal Roach
in Hollywood, California

301 ~ Jackie Condon

The genius of Hal Roach brought us some of the greatest stars in the movies: Laurel and Hardy, Harold Lloyd, Jean Harlow, Fay Wray, Boris Karloff, and The Little Rascals of the Our Gang Comedies ... to name just a few.  The rag-a-muffin kids of this gang are legend, many with long film careers of their own. There were many imitators, but none came close to capturing the magic of the original Gang. Sadly, Hal Roach sold the production rights to the Our Gang Comedies to MGM in 1938, and the series waned.  The final 52 MGM produced movies did not compare to the Hal Roach originals. The Little Rascals live on today, still delighting TV audiences. Many "Our Gang" collectibles are offered for sale on ebay every day.


301 ~ Spanky with Johnny Weissmuller (Tarzan)   Our Gang ink blotter   301 ~ Dorthy De Borba as "Echo"

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