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Jackie Searl
Known on radio as Orange County Buddy
Born in Anaheim, California
on July 7, 1920

Jackie Searl classic child starJackie Seal child actor photo

Jackie Searl's first movie role was in Tom Sawyer, with Jackie Coogan and Mitzi Green. His shenanigans on the screen as "the snitching sissy" and "sandbox Attila" caused many critics of the day to marvel. He was  adroit in his sense of timing and could steal a scene with such ease that many adult stars would refuse to play opposite him. Off stage, he was a clean-cut, almost shy boy. As an adult, he appeared in many movies and on TV. His last name is sometimes misspelled Searle. --Edited  from Those Endearing Young Charms, by Marc Best.

Jackie Searl boy actorJackie Searl in Ginger

Jackie Searl boy actor photoJackie Searl in Military Academy

Jackie Searl, Jackie Cooper in SookyJackie Searl, Jane Withers, in Gentle Julia

302 ~ Jackie Searl portrait304 ~Jackie Searl with Mischa Auer in "Little Tough Guys in Society."Robert Coogan, Jackie Searl, and Jackie Cooper in "Sooky"301 ~ Jackie Searl with Jack Holt and Mona Barrie in "Unwelcome Stranger"306 ~ Jackie Searl, Chic Sale, Frank Albertson, and Diane Sinclair in "Full Speed Ahead"

The center photo above is of Robert Coogan, Jackie Searl, and Jackie Cooper in Sooky. Someone has mistakenly hand-lettered Skippy on it. Videos of Sooky and Skippy are very high on my want list!