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Larry Simms
Born in Los Angeles, California
on October 1, 1934

Larry Simms child star photos

Larry Simms is best remembered for his role as Alexander Bumstead in some 30 Blondie ... movies which he appeared in from age 4 until age 16. His last movie was a role in Her First Romance in 1951.

Larry Simms as Alexander BumsteadLarry Simms with Marjorie Kent

The photo on the Left shows Larry Simms in Blondie's Big Moment (1947).

Larry Simms child star photoLarry Simms and the cast of Blondie

The photo on the Right shows Larry Simms with the cast of Blondie: Marjorie Kent (now Marjorie Ann Mutchie) as Cookie Bumstead, Arthur Lake as Dagwood Bumstead, and Penny Singleton as Blondie Bumstead. In the early movies Larry Simms' character was called Baby Dumpling. As he grew older he became Alexander Bumstead.